Kothari Auditors & Accountants provide cost audit and analysis to companies to control cost and improve cost efficiency, enhance profitability and make effective management decisions.

Our team of finance professionals will assist you to assess and improve performance and consequently profitability. The Kothari team provides insights and will arrive at recommendations that are sustainable for improved performance and cost effectiveness including personnel, processes and systems.

The audit team will understand the business model first and ensure the accounting system and internal controls are set in the prescribed standard. This approach brings in the knowledge base gained by Kothari Auditors to the client and has helped raise the standard of controls for our clients.

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Our cost audit and analysis include the following:

  • Cost process efficiency — this exercise addresses improvements in cost effectiveness and related operational processes, applications and associated controls.
  • Cost assessment — a thorough appraisal of quantitative and qualitative processes and compare current performance against improved cost efficiencies.

The Kothari Auditors & Accountants client list includes large as well as small and medium sized organizations that we have over the years helped meet with statutory requirements & compliances in addition to reporting irregularities and rectifying flaws in internal control systems.

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You may also write to us : info@kaa.ae