Importance & merits of having a CFO is an open secret & widely recognized fact. Presence & availability of an experienced professional is invaluable and immeasurable for organization that has CFO onboard. Many organizations, especially SME’s, though intend to hire but find it prohibitive to appoint a fulltime CFO.

But why an entity deprive itself from benefit that accrues or emanate from experience of qualified professional who can work as CFO for their organization on time sharing basis. This time sharing allows SME’s and new businesses get benefited from experienced professional at friendly cost. GBS therefore present or brings  a solution as shared CFO services.

Shared CFO Service also known as part time CFO or interim CFO or outsourced CFO or virtual CFO. It is an ideal arrangement for SME’s & newly started businesses. During growth or otherwise, entities require an experienced & qualified person to drive and give impetus to vision & plans of owners & the board. For most SME’s & new businesses, hiring a full time employee CFO is prohibitive in terms cost to company. It is equally possible that sometime a full time CFO may not be required. A shared CFO is win-win for SME and new businesses to be benefited yet be cost effective.

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