Audit And Assurance
Kothari Auditors & Accountants offer comprehensive audit services including statutory, internal, management audit, concurrent audit, audit of management plans, policies & control mechanism.

Our audit services are extensive and in addition to clients in UAE and GCC we also service organizations across the globe. The audit exercise is a useful management tool and the Kothari Auditors team carefully plans the exercise to focus on significant areas of controls and accounting procedure such as:

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Financial Accounting System Design and Implementation

Our services in accounting system design and implementation includes:

  • Installation & implementation of financial accounting system
  • Inventory management
  • Costing

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Accounting Services

The Accounting Services standard at Kothari Auditors is up-to-date with global standards keeping up with the convergence of accounting and auditing standards throughout the world. We provide insight to key accounting and auditing guidance for our clients as a key factor that is critical for successful business and for implementing accounting exercises effectively.

Our deep understanding of local requirements help us adapt and implement global best practices locally, ensuring excellent standards in all our services.

Financial Management Consultancy

The financial management consultancy services offered by Kothari Auditors & Accountants include:

  • Capital budgeting
  • Risk analysis of investments
  • Financial analysis

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Project Reports & Feasibility Studies

We at Kothari Auditors associate ourselves with the operation well before a business takes shape. Our involvement begins with the business idea, study of the idea and prepare a project report that helps in determining feasibility of same this report invariably recommends changes that are major as well as small corrections to make it work in the business environment.

Reports and information are unique to each business and it goes without saying that relevant information that matters will be included in each project .....

Cost Audit & Cost Analysis

Kothari Auditors & Accountants provide cost audit and analysis to companies to control cost and improve cost efficiency, enhance profitability and make effective management decisions.

Our team of finance professionals will assist you to assess and improve performance and consequently profitability.

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Business Restructuring & Guidance for Revival of Sick Companies

Kothari Auditors & Accountants have excellent understanding and experience in managing, turning around underperforming or loss making businesses. Kothari’s team of business recovery experts are sought after for their ability to identify problem areas and rapidly work out viable solutions. The Kothari team will take charge of the situation and come up with a restructuring plan for a turn-around or in the absence of such an option will advice and implement an efficient exit strategy.


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Valuation of Business Entities and Mergers & Acquisitions

Kothari Auditors offer a complete range of business valuation, mergers and acquisition service. Our experience is extensive with international exposure and familiarity with various cultures and sensibilities – translating into value transactions in the complex transaction of mergers and acquisitions. Kothari team provides assistance throughout a merger or joint venture setup. From initiating dialogue with potential partners, setting of strategic directions to documentation and business plan, The Kothari team will partner with you every step of the way.


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Guidance on UAE Commercial Laws, Labor Laws, Trade Policies and Procedures

Our extensive knowledge of the commercial laws of UAE makes establishing new businesses as well as continued administration easier. This is an area that can take up good deal of management time exploring around government bureaucracy. Kothari Auditors will provide you specific guidance to deal with each situation.

Business guidance services by Kothari Auditors extend to:

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Company Formation Services

Company Formation Services include agreement drafting & licensing procedures in the UAE, Free Zones, Offshore & Overseas.

Kothari Auditors & Accountants  provide complete services in offshore company formation as well as offshore company incorporation. The team will assist in identifying the right destination to setting up the company as well as forming an offshore company.


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Assistance in Trade Mark & Patent Registration

As a value added services Kothari Auditors and Accountants through its associate Global Business Services also look after the trade mark and patent registrations for clients. Our services encompass patent registration, protection and enforcement services customized to each client requirements and specifications.

Our services include:

  • Registration of trade name & trade mark
  • Patent availability search and analysis


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VAT Assistance

Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries agreed in 2015 for GCC wide implementation of VAT - Value Added Tax. UAE as a part of this drive to increase non-oil revenue, has implemented VAT w.e.f 1st Jan 2018 at a standard rate of 5%. Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is the government entity responsible for implementation and enforcement of VAT in UAE.

VAT is a general consumption tax which is applied on goods and services as the Value incrementally increases at various stages.

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Economic Substance Regulation(ESR) & KYC Compliance

The UAE MoF issued a Cabinet Resolution on the Economic Substance (‘the Regulations’) on 30 April 2019 for which an Amended Resolution has recently been issued in August 2020 along with Updated Guidance. Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) states that every prescribed entity (‘Licensee’) that carries on Relevant Activities and derives an income from prescribed activities in the UAE are required to perform an Economic Substance Test. There are also certain exemptions prescribed.

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Will in UAE

A Will is a legal document to protect the estates and hand it over to the loved ones in case of sudden demise of the signatory of the Will, it enables to distribute assets, shares, or any valuables according to one’s own wishes provide the legal protection to rightfully distribute the estates, and take care of any minor children at the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

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Company Liquidation

Company liquidation is a long and tedious process. It might be compulsory or voluntary. Once you plan to close down your business the government entities should be notified of the same so as to avoid any accumulated fines and penalties. License cancellation is one of the primary steps in the liquidation process and the formalities differ based on the form of company and the jurisdiction where the company is registered.

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